Coach Bruce’s Testimonials

Hezekiah “Champ” Harris

When my son was 10 years old I was really looking for someone to explain the nuances of baseball to him and teach the fine points of the game. Thankfully another father told me about “Coach Bruce” and South Florida Baseball School.  It was exactly what I had been asking for. Coach Bruce has truly been “Heaven sent.” He has helped refine Hezekiah’s swing while also teaching him the family’s needed for better fielding and pitching. Coach Bruce is invaluable for a guy like me who knows little about baseball. He has a wonderful demeanor that is loving, encouraging, but demanding with the athlete. His instruction has been a real blessing in my son’s life and I am grateful for him sharing his knowledge with my son. The technical part of his game has drastically improved in this last year with South Florida Baseball School.

Joshua Harris

Chase Reyes

I approached Coach Bruce of the South Florida Baseball School in 2004.  I wanted to help my son become a better baseball player.  What we received from Coach Bruce and the school was exemplary leadership skills and unparalleled baseball training.

With Bruce’s extensive knowledge and methods of positive reinforcement, hard work, love, and character building, our son became a better person and player.

One thing I liked was the way Bruce and the school treated and spoke to my son.  Whether he played outstanding or poorly, he was coached up leaving his spirit intact.

My son and I found ourselves looking forward to our practices with Bruce at the school as much as playing in games.  Now that Chase is playing Division I baseball at Creighton University in Nebraska no trip home to Florida is complete without a visit to Bruce’s Academy for some training and fun!

I would recommend Coach Bruce and the S. Florida Baseball School to any player at any age who enjoys baseball and wants to excel or play at the next level.  Whether you’re a Little Leaguer or a High School Player there is NO better training than this academy to get there.

Bill & Susan Reyes

Jett Rosenstein

We met Coach Bruce five years ago when our son, Jett was 10 years old and playing little league and now he is 14 and playing for his High School team. If you require results in your baseball program and/or leading young men to become polished players, students, & productive citizens within the community,

Coach Bruce is without a doubt the finest example of a teacher/mentor. He has a passion for teaching the game of baseball and for creating tools and drills that truly help players get better. He takes pride in helping his players achieve their full potential and my son has benefited greatly from the lessons he has taken from him.

Coach Bruce has a great knowledge of the game of baseball and has developed an excellent training program. He is a man of integrity, & a great motivator of kids.

Richard & Bonnie Rosenstein


Tyler Kraft

I took my 14-year-old grandson to Bruce for the first time in July of 2015. We have had 9 lessons with him since then.

If I were to use one word to describe our experiences, I would have to say Bruce is a coach who is transformational. By that I mean he not only instructs, as a hitting coach in our case, he also inspires, stimulates, radiates passion and energy in each lesson and uplifts the student.

I ask my grandson, Tyler Kraft, to describe the lessons he has had with Bruce. “He explains things very well, and he has a lot of enthusiasm,” Tyler answered me.

Tyler used to get a hit once in 10 times at bat. After a half dozen lessons, he has improved to 1 hit in 3. I believe Tyler has also taken to his heart all the other things Bruce talked about during the lessons: e.g., the importance of good grades at school, and will be a better person facing life’s challenges in this world besides being a better baseball player.

As the grandfather, I salute Bruce and say to him: “Thank you.”



Ronald Rocca

I am so blessed to have met Coach Bruce ten years ago.  I have been on multiple travel teams and went to two high schools to play baseball and never have I met someone as knowledgeable and passionate as Coach Bruce.  Together Bruce and I have addressed every aspect of the game.  We have worked on base running, throwing, fielding and hitting.

Running wise coach would correct my form and make sure I was efficient rounding the bases.  Throwing wise Bruce did video analysis with my mechanics and made sure my arm slot was correct to prevent injury and gain velocity. He also set me up with a long toss program over the summer that increased my velocity from 83mph to 88mph.  Fielding wise coach worked on the “5 F’s”. We worked numerous hours on this to make me as comfortable as possible defensively.

My senior year I had a .963 fielding percentage and only made 2 errors in 25 games at shortstop.  Hitting wise I could go on for hours on how much Coach Bruce has done for me.  From tee drills to flips to video analysis to working on curveball to his phenomenal BP, the list goes on and on. It is because of Coach Bruce that I hit over .400 my junior and senior year and was named First Team All County.  I also hit the cycle my junior year and the day before that I had a lesson with Coach Bruce.

Last, but not least, Coach Bruce is such an amazing person.  He truly cares about each and every person he works with.  I have been over Bruce’s house numerous times to hangout and have fun on the boat.

Coach Bruce has been there for me during the good and bad.  He visited me when I was sick in the hospital and helped me through my grandparents passing away.  Every time I see Coach Bruce my day always gets better as he always knows the right thing to say.  I can’t thank you enough coach for everything you have done for me.

Joseph Anello

Coach Bruce has been a blessing in my life. He has taught me so much about the game, but more importantly about myself. He is a true professional and is helping me become the pitcher & player that I’ve always wanted to be.

I am very fortunate to have him as an instructor and a friend.


Nick Anello

Coach Bruce has taught me so much in such a little amount of time. We have worked on hitting and catching drills and Coach was able to correct the flaws and make me a better player.

In the little time I have been with him, he has made me a better player both physically and mentally.

I enjoy going to my lessons with Coach Bruce because I can talk to him about anything related to baseball or my personal life. He will be there to help if I need anything in my baseball career or in life.

Coach Bruce is a great person to have in your life and I hope I can stay around him for as long as possible so he can teach me more about the game that I love.